The banana error when crafting three bananas

Team Fortress 2 is a highly popular shooter devolped by Valve. As the years passed users of many kinds have discovered secrets and easter eggs hidden within the game, videos, and other media distributed by Valve.

This article will document the secrets and easter eggs in TF2.

MvM in sd_doomsdayEdit

In the one of the newest maps for TF2, which being doomsday. A user has discovered a secret within the outer boundaries of the map that foreshadowed the newest Co-Op mode of Mann Vs Machine.
TF2 secret man vs01:26

TF2 secret man vs. machine update on SD DOOMSDAY PYROMANIA UPDATE NEWLY FOUND

Create a server in TF2 selecting the map sd_doomsday, once the server is opened select blu team, once in spawn you will notice to your right a hatch wide opened blocked by boundaries.

Open up the command window and type "noclip" which will now allow you to enter through walls, make your way to the hatch where you will find a soilder guarding the door.

Fly through him into the door and you will find a spy covering his face, behind him are pictures of what appear to be robots. On the desk is a map showing three areas with circles around them. (The areas are MannWorks, Decoy, and Coal Town)

The Banana ErrorEdit

A few weeks before the Pyromania update a smaller update was realesed to fix up a few glitches, but what wasn't documented was a series of crafting items that would be included with any weapon drop in the game. The items in the update consisted of a tincan, diary, goldfish, barnplank, cheesewheel, and the most intresting of the bunch, the banana.

If you had three bananas, opened up the custom craft, and put them together, an odd error message would appear with some form of code that has yet to be explained.

'Craft itemse quo te ' Edit

Along with the mystery craft items that were introduced, equipping the item set "Eliminating the impossible" would trigger new descriptions for the items. Each item had just a little snipplet of the quote, but adding them all together you got "Think of the deeds of hellish cruelty, the hidden wickedness which may go on, year in, year out, in such places, and none the wiser."

Gray Mann easter eggsEdit

On the TF2 website during the Pyromania update on TF2 there was a small bloodstain hidden on the websites logo. Upon clicking on it you would be redirected to a small letter signed by G.M. (Grey Mann).

In the jungle update, pick the map, picke the red team and noclip to the ground. If done correctly, you should see a message from Gary Manndoop

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