Hidden within Super Mario Galaxy 2, there is a strange secret in one of the galaxies known as the Shiverburn Galaxy.

If you look up in the sky in camera mode, you will see a hill. On top of the hill, there are three black figures, which don't move the entire time you're in Shiverburn. This is very strange for Nintendo, who tend to detail all of their games thoroughly. Especially since, if you look in that corner of the level, they're always there, almost as if they're watching you.....However, this wiki is dedicated to finding the glitches and secrets within these games.

Here's a photo of the hill:


Soon, someone made a close-up on the figures. They appear as three black sillhouettes.

Here is an image of the close-up:

Just what are these mysterious shadows?

Fans and glitch/easter egg enthusiasts were puzzled when they saw the creatures, so they wanted to go further into the investigation by looking into the games files. They searched through the files until they found a file representing these figures, named "HellValleySkyTrees". Once they decided to look further, they found that the entire area they were in was deemed "BeyondHellValleySky" They were shocked. Is Hell Valley supposedly behind Shiverburn or is it the japanese name? Does Mario reside within a form of hell? Constantly rescuing a repeatedly captured Princess? Are these creatures some form of demon, watching Mario repeat the same purgatorial task eternally…for pleasure? Soothsayers maybe, trying to warn Mario what will happen next? Perhaps his guardians, warning, watching.....waiting?