In the second major leg of Secret of Evermore - exploring a rough, tough territory called Antiqua - players are sure to encounter a famous market-place in the bustling city of Nobilia. This huge bazaar is one of the most talked-about sidequests in the game, and can be intimidating to those who don't know their way around its many shops and stalls. Smart traders can win a bevy of valuable goods; but the marketplace is designed to ensure that a fool and his money are soon parted.

However, getting a leg up on the competition is easy with this semi-obscure secret. Nobilians use Rice, Spice and other goods as bartering stock. These items are cheap, but after a few trading deals, they disappear quickly. This trick will ensure a healthy supply of Rice and Spice.


Players must cross the sweltering Desert of Doom on foot to reach Nobilia. (It is possible to purchase a quick ride from the ferryman, but most adventurers won't be able to afford his price: a rare Amulet of Annihilation.)

Upon reaching the city entrance, don't go in just yet. Instead, hike west along the row of broken stones. A few seconds' walk will bring you to a solitary out-cropping as pictured. Defeat the nearby foes if you wish, then step just south of this rock. Your character will begin to swirl around in place.

As it happens, an invisible whirlpool exists in this spot. Continue to beat back monsters without leaving your post. Keep an eye on your health: the desert heat drains 5 HP occasionally, and each second you spend spinning saps an extra 1. You may quickly succumb to the effects without realizing it.

(As cruel as it may seem, healing the Dog is not necessary if he is present. He can be useful for batting away encroaching wildlife, but if you are running low on supplies, focus on the Boy.)

The player will circle the whirlpool for 3-6 minutes. Wait, watch, and enjoy the Boy's amusing complaints.

After enough time has passed, both characters will slip underneath the sand to a hidden room! They won't be visible, but you can wander over to the right to collect a huge prize: a full supply of Rice and Spice. With 99 of each, a player's search for the best deals in town becomes much quicker and cheaper.

The room can even be re-entered by leaving the screen. Remember it for any later shopping trips.