Note! Fake!

Aww the Triforce. A powerful relic from the Zelda universe. It can make anyone's wishes come true. If an evil heart touches it will transform the world into darkness that reflects the users heart, and vice versa if a heart of pure touches it. In Ocarina of Time you see the sacred Triforce almost everywere you go. Early beta footage show Link opining a chest containing the said relic (Look below for said video) but is it possible to optain the sacred relic of the gods? There are many myths out there

such as throwing a bomb into the lava pit before entering ganons castle to open the sacred realm, meeting a blue fairy who would give Link the triforce but that is not true. The Shigeru Miyamoto hint confirming presence of the sacred relic

If you seek to open the Gate

The Key you seek is shadowed fate. In the secrets that lie beneath the ground. Is where the wisdom required is found. To find the third force of power, First you must seek the sacred flower. When the three gather all in one place. Then you shall see the sacred one’s face. On to the realm through the gates you pass. Before you will stand a magnificent mass. Three stone structures with names familiar to you. The names of the gods, Din… Farore… and Nayru

Sadly that hint is fake. This video proves it is impossible to optain the triforce. Pop Fiction Episode 13

This is the footage i was talking about earlier. Triforce Beta

For more rumors read these Triforce Myths

Thanks for reading and if i misspeled anything at all, please tell me before you edit!

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