• taken from creepypasta wiki*

After doing research on multiple creepypastas I learned of something called "Lavender Town Syndrome" which is the effects caused by the binaural beats in Lavender Town from the 1996 "Pocket Monsters Green" released in Japan. 100+ children the ages of 6-12 died from suicide, suffocation or unchecked convulsions. Most of those children were apart of the test of the game were children in the Okara area the ages 6-12 were given the game to play to their hearts content. They reported tremors, itchiness, headaches, stomachaches, etc. This was fixed before the final copy was released of course.

Of course out of curiousity I wanted to see for my self what this music was so I searched "Pocket Monsters Green LavenderTown Beta" on Youtube. I clicked on the first video and ignored the annotion that told me to NOT use headphones and continued anyways. It starts out with a high pitch tone which gradually increases and gets louder and then cuts to the Lavender Town music you would hear today. Throughout the song there are strange low frequncey noises probably meant to represent a gong. In two instances, a single note will play so loud, it is almost unbarealble.

The side-effects are one thing about "Lavender Town Syndrome" that I know is real. Shortly after I felt sick with, headaches, and stomachaches. Then I was hearing things I wasn't hearing, like my phone shutting off (even though I have the on-off tones disabled), the microwave dinging, or the sink running. I also couldn't remember what color my toothbrush was and had to have my sister remind me.

The next morning I still had the stomachache, but the headache and other problems were gone. I DO NOT reccomend listening to this with headphones, if your under the age of 13, or if you have sensitive hearing. It is also said that to adults these strange noises go completely unoticed.