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Final Fantasy 3 Hidden Boss (Iron Giant)


A picture of the Iron Giant


To fight this iron giant, you have to follow these stepps:

1. First, you need to send all the NPC's mail in mognet.

2. Next, fly out into the ocean and you will see a dark circle in the water, dive into it with your submarine.

3. Dive down into the coral.

4. You will ente

thumb|300px|right|Further Explanation

r an area named "???", walk up.

5. Watch the iron giant appear. at this time just pray for your life but you will probably die anyways.

To have the slightest chance of survival you must:

1. Have 4 onion knights, with all maxed out stats (level 99, and 99 job level)

2. Have them all equipped with all the onion knight equipment

3. Have them all with curaja, arise, flare, and meteor

4. Good attack items (ie. Chocabo's Wrath and White Musk)

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