Ecco the dolphin. Probably one of the most underrated game series ever made. Dark story, challenging gameplay, Aliens, time travel,a great soundtrack, sometimes can be a little scary at times with all the messed up looking enemy's. What more do you want a game to have? OH i no. Secrets. Well Ecco has that. Both Ecco the dolphin and Ecco Tides of time. But this page focuses on Tides of time. For this trick you need two things. Skills and practice. Well i guess save states but save states are for baby’s. Start up the game like normal. Choose normal difficulty (Swim to the right in case you don’t no) Play the game as normal but with one difference. Do not die! I mean it. if you don’t die through the hole game it does a programing error. If you choose normal difficulty you normally would not play through the Hard mode only levels unless you don’t die. Normally after Tube of Medusa you go onto Skylands. But if you didn’t die you go strait into Aqua tubeway. Weired that level is for Hard mode only. Did the game glitch or something. We may never know. Beat the hole game with out dying once and your reward is playing the hard only levels on normal difficulty and a sense of pride. Good Luck! This is possible but may take lots of practice. Get a pen and write done those passwords!

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