In this Wiki you have a privilege to talk to other user's who enjoy this wiki also. But just cause it's a chat doesn't mean there's no rules.

Rule 1: No Trolling. Anybody trolling will instantly get kicked from chat and blocked from the wiki.

Rule 2: You can link a video or picture if you want to but they must be virus free, malware free, spyware free, ect. If the link is adult ( a video that is not appropiate for minors such as videos with sexual activity, Blood, Gore, ect) you have to put NSFW. Also do it in PM (private message) Failure to do so will get you banned!

Rule 3: No spamming the chat. Spamming the chat will get you a warning from a Chat Mod. Failure to stop will get you kicked from chat.

Rule 4: Treat other users how you would like to be treated.

Rule 5: No Racist comments!

Rule 6: If you would not say it to a friends face, then don't say it on chat.

Rule 7: No saying Gay, Fag, ect.

Rule 8: Everyone has a opinion, do not make fun of other users just cause you don't like their opinion.

Rule 9: See those users with a Star next to their name? Don't make them mad.

Rule 10: No linking videos that contain Screamers! ( A screamer is a video that involes a image popping up and screaming resulting is a cheap scare) These can kill people who have weak hearts or a condition

Follow these simple rule's and your chat activity will be great.

Any questions? ask an admin.