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  • Matth0921

    If anybody here frequents this wikia, I would like your assistance in doing a sort of 'cleansing.' As you can see, I've been doing some edits recently, and I would like to update all articles on this site. It is a very daunting task, and I can't do it alone, which is why I need YOUR help! Contact me on my profile, or shoot me an email and we can discuss this!


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  • Snazzell


    September 23, 2012 by Snazzell

    You thought I was gone forever.

    You were wrong.

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  • OfficialUboa

    I'm Back Bitches

    June 6, 2012 by OfficialUboa


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  • Unclever Name

    Hello, and all I have to say is I'll be mostly inactive until we have a large enough userbase. Until then, bye before I shoot the red barrel/start a big ****storm of drama.

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  • Snazzell

    Yes, I have talked to Lolster about this, and he said yes! Secrets of Gaming is now associated with EggPedia!

    Is this a good idea or a bad idea? you post.

    Thanks to Lolster for letting me have permission to do this with his Wiki. ;D

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  • Awikicontributer

    As most likely anyone but lolster knows, I have BIG plans for this wiki. I plan on getting at least 100 pages and pictures on this wiki, convince 1000 people to join, and keep it going when completed.

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  • Bill9929

    Leaving SOG Wiki

    March 2, 2012 by Bill9929

    I am Bill9929, i have been an administrator here for a while, i am not that active anymore because i have admin rights on other wikis that i am on alot more now. I know that this blog post is very terse, but i hope that you can understand

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  • Unclever Name

    Damn vandals.

    January 19, 2012 by Unclever Name

    That is all.

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  • Unclever Name


    January 17, 2012 by Unclever Name

    We need more users here, or else this wiki will most likely be neglected by everyone. Lets see if we should invite some of the people over at the CP wiki here.

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  • SpicyHandofMarriage

    So, my Pokemon Green from Japan has arrived! Im testing the lavender town syndrome. So far, im the 3rd gym, I am close so wish me luck! I also caught a missingno.!

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  • Lolster1

    The Forum

    October 6, 2011 by Lolster1

    Hey all you people! Im the creator of the wiki/guard along with my other fellow mods. well i was about to say something. I will need even MORE members on the forum! incase you dont know what it is... hover your mouse over or click future updates/community and click SOG forum. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!

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